The 5 ways best ways to ace your O-Levels

The thought of exams is always dreadful. And if it is O-Levels, it is bound to lead to numerous sleepless nights. But worry not. You are at the right place. Today I am going to share some simple yet magical tricks that you can use to ace your O-Levels. You will be amazed to know how easy they are to implement. So read on.

  • Plan in advance

This rule applies to every field. You need to plan in advance rather than leaving everything until the last moment. Studying at the last moment might work if you are preparing for one or two subjects, but it definitely won’t work for your O-Levels. This is because you a gigantic syllabus to cover.

The best strategy is to allocate each day for a different subject. If you try to do everything at once, you won’t be able to grasp a single thing. So let’s say on Monday you decide to focus on Physics and Chemistry, on Tuesday it is time for Maths, Biology, and Computer and so on.


  • Use Memory techniques

Cramming won’t work here. This is not your school exam where you will get the same questions as given at the end of the chapter. In O-Levels the examiner will be testing your understanding. Therefore, the best way is to use memory techniques to make sure you grasp the concept. There are tons of such techniques such as mnemonics, chunking of data, writing down whatever you have studied and explaining what you have learned to others. Use all of them or any one, the choice is yours.

  • Practice as much as you can from past papers

This might seem a simple suggestion, yet a lot of students fail to practice from past papers. They delay it until the last moment only to find out that they have run out of time. Those who are lucky enough to find time, only limit themselves to the past few years (2-3 years). Past papers are like gold mines. The deeper you dig into them (not just limit to past 2-3 years), the richer you become (in your knowledge, understanding and grip n subject).

  • Prepare cheat sheets

No these are not to be used for cheating in exams! These are the notes that you use to summarize what you have studied. They will help you immensely in revision when exams are near. If you don’t have time for it, you can use the services of online assignment company. They can help you to prepare notes for all sorts of subjects.

  • Eat, sleep, exercise

As they say, health is wealth. What would be the use of all that you have studied if you fall sick on the exam day? So, health should be your priority. Eat well and stay hydrated. You need more nutrition than others to focus on your studies and excel in the field. Exercise as much as you can even if it is going out for a walk for 30 mins daily. And yes, get rid of those late night studies. Sleep on time and rise up early in the morning. You will learn more when your mind is fresh in the morning rather when it is exhausted at night.

So it is now time to use all these strategies and let the magic unfold. Remember you need to to be persistent to reap the benefits of these strategies. No exam is difficult if prepared on time. So act now!

By Admin