Some of us have very low tolerance level and want to go and pick up a medicine as soon as we start feeling something. We do not want to make it heal on its own and instead think that it is better if we get some prescription drugs or medicines that we may have known or heard about just to try it out and relieve the pain instantly.

If you are somebody who tends to take medicines easily you need to stop and consider your decision because many times it is wrong. If you can and as much as you can you should allow your body to heal on its own because it has own mechanism of healing things. Also if you can then switch to medicine plants or natural remedies because they do not have long term effects but medicines do which is why they need to be avoided if possible.

Questions you should ask your health practitioner about the medicines you take

  • The first advice to begin with is that whenever you go to a doctor to take medicines for whatever in less you might be suffering with it is really important that you actually ask them the long term effects of the medicine and how it can affect you in the long term food stop it is important for you to be aware of what you are in taking in your body.
  • Another thing that you must ask is weather the side effects of your medicine will change over the course of time. When we began taking a medicine then there may be certain side effects but the change over the course of timothy it may be that as and when your body becomes a custom to the medicines that you take it will stop harming you in any man or the side effects will change.
  • Sometimes you have to make a choice of a certain medicine because you do not have any other alternate. At these times you may ignore the long term effects because if you get into the effects too much then you will not be able to take that medicine and it will worsen your health. If there is any medicine that is absolutely necessary for you to take then don’t care much about the side effects.
  • Side effects can be beneficial or harmful or negligible and it depends from medicine to medicine so you yourself need to be careful and research well by asking the right questions to your doctor before you in take any medicine.

Why Kratom is safe to take as medicine: You can buy Kratom if you want a medicine that has minimum side effects because this medicine is made from a coffee plant and this is the reason why it has properties that actually cure chronic pain and are also used for those people who have withdrawal symptoms. Kratom powder is a green powder that is used for its relaxation properties mainly and is found in places like Thailand and Malaysia.

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