Famous worldwide for higher education, Canada is home to nearly half a million international students. There are several reasons why Canada is popular with students from across the world. Some of these compelling reasons that make Canada a favourite hot spot of post-graduation includes superior quality education at an affordable tuition, along with globally recognised degrees.

Also, students aiming for post-study work can be assured of high quality of life and noteworthy career opportunities. All these reasons and more make Canada the ideal country for higher education. With the right education loan, from Tata Capital, you can be assured of a ticket to premier institutes and superior education.

If you still need to decide why Canada is the ideal spot for you, read on more to find:

Excellent academic institutions

An important reason why students from around the world opt to study in Canada is because of its outstanding educational quality. A postgraduate degree from a Canadian university is regarded as a mark of trust and superiority. According to the World University Rankings 2019, approximately 27 Canadian universities featured in the prestigious list, while the QS World University Rankings 2019 had over 26 universities of Canada featured in it. You can opt for a study loan to meet your funding requirements with minimal education loan documentation.

Remarkable focus on research and development

One of the most prominent reasons for Canadian universities’ popularity worldwide is its attention to detail on research and development. Research scholars, in particular, can be assured of plentiful research opportunities. Moreover, the Government of Canada renders outstanding support in various disciplines including technology, environmental studies, telecommunication, medicine and agriculture. To be a part of one of these popular universities, apply now for an education loan at competitive and affordable interest rates with convenient repayment abilities.


Compared to universities around the globe, tuition fees in Canada are affordable and can be well within your range. You can opt for an education loan as a viable option to study further, if you feel that your existing resources are not enough. Additionally, you may also want to apply for many scholarships to further reduce your educational costs. A study loan without security or collateral can be a boon for any student.

Canada offers vast cultural diversity and is considered one of the safest countries in the world. Moreover, international students also gain from the spirited and enthusiastic campus life replete with extracurricular activities for all-round and holistic development. But, like it is said, nothing comes for free. To be able to pursue higher studies abroad, you need enough funds. Thus ,getting access to an easy education loan can be critical in determining your future. Tata Capital offers a simplified process of obtaining an education loan with minimal documentation and customised features.

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