Library science majors don’t always end up working in a library. Sure you love books and would enjoy nothing more than spending your days in the stacks from morning until night, but there are so many other things you can do with a degree in library science. The best graduate schools can prepare their students for a lucrative and rewarding career in a variety of diverse fields, many of which don’t require you to sit behind a desk and scan library cards to while away the time. Here are some of the more interesting and unique career paths you can pursue whether you have a bachelor’s or a master’s degree.

Market Researcher

Corporations and business organizations routinely call upon researchers to supply them with all of the data necessary to get an accurate picture of the current trends in the market. That task can fall to you as the researcher for that organization as you gather and collect all of the pertinent research data to present for review. The information you provide will be instrumental in devising marketing strategies and campaigns for the future.

Computers and Information Technology

Getting your library science degree at Sarah Lawrence College can get you on the road to success and if you have a strong interest in computers and technology, then you may want to turn your attention to all of the applications that the digital age can offer library science majors. You could take on a myriad of responsibilities related to archiving and categorizing everything through an entirely electronic workspace, so instead of keeping track of hardcover and paperback volumes you may be tasked with auditing and tracking entire libraries as digital files.

Construction Projects

When cities build new buildings and public structures or homes and apartment complexes are erected, there is a considerable amount of research involved before shovels hit dirt and concrete get poured. For these projects, designers and contractors call upon architecture librarians to catalog and store the necessary data and supporting information to help those projects get off the ground. Many of these civic and home projects are stored for public reference and you can be responsible for safeguarding those records as well.

Wine Connoisseur

If you happen to enjoy the occasional soothing glass of petit syrah or chardonnay while you’re taking USC’s online library science degree from the comfort of your living room, you might be interested to know that you can turn your love of wines into a career path with library science by becoming a wine librarian. Yes, you read that correctly – a wine librarian, someone who has an extensive, almost encyclopedic knowledge of wines from the way they hit the palate to the history of certain grapes, even the evolution of production processes and how they have evolved over time. California has the biggest concentration of wine libraries in the United States, but if France is more your style you may find some opportunities in places like Bordeaux or the Loire Valley.

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