Judges who hear and decide family law and misdemeanor criminal cases today have the option of sentencing defendants to re-training and learning programs.  Because some defendants cannot travel to a campus or perhaps are too much of a liability risk right now to participate in a classroom program, they may be better suited for virtual classrooms, an online drug and alcohol course, and distance learning opportunities.

When the judge presiding over your case has sentenced you to educational training or rehabilitation, you may have the option of deciding where you can sign up for and take those lessons.  You may achieve the legal and lifestyle results you want by choosing an institute that is committed to the highest level of integrity.

Discovering the Mission Behind the Program

One of the first pieces of information you might consider when researching the institute involves its overall mission.  What type of help do they want to extend to minor offenders like you?  Are they committed to helping you learn better behaviors and become a more productive member of society?

The company outlines its core mission to the public on its website.  You can click on the About Us link to read more about why the institute exists, what goals it has for students who enroll in its courses, and why it continues to make available learning opportunities online to people across the U.S.

Another key detail you might look for before signing up is who will teach your course and what qualifications does that person have.  You may also attempt to find out if the course will have an actual instructor or if it will be all self-taught.

You can find out these details about instructors, the administrators, and program leaders on the website.  You can then decide if you feel confident enough with these individuals and can trust them to guide you toward your desired behavioral, educational, and legal goal.

Once you feel completely at ease with your choice, you can then sign up for courses that will satisfy the court judgment and also help you learn the behaviors you are expected to have to avoid offending again.  You will get a certification of completion once you finish the class.  The proof of completion will also be sent to the court officer or your attorney as stipulated by the judgment handed down in your case Don’t let addiction stop you from reaching your goals, you shouldn’t be ashamed of seeking drug and alcohol detox programs online.

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