Yes, it’s possible to learn to speak in english easily and fluently in a short period of time. It’s true that learning a new language can be daunting at times, but with the right kind of learning and study material it can feel like a breeze. The following are a few steps and strategies to help you gain command on and proficiency in the English language.

Clear The Basics: The basic fundamental of english speaking or any other language for that matter is the Grammar. This will give you ability to form grammatically correct sentences, complete with proper punctuations and words. 

Goal Setting: Set goals for yourself. This will help you visualize the path you would ideally want to take to achieve your goals. This also provides you with a feeling of accomplishment. Set short goals for yourself that will act like a reward system for you, which in turn will push you to achieve more over a longer period of time.

Regular Practice: Practice makes perfect and to get perfect results and to hone one’s skills, regular practice is a must. Practice not only reading and writing but also speaking. It is hard to learn a new language all together. But just like you learnt your mother tongue in some or the other way you will learn english. Create a schedule or a customized plan to follow.

Communicate in the new language: An integral part of learning is application. Any new skill that you learn needs to be applied practically in order to master it. The same goes with learning new languages. It is important to communicate with fellow peers or individuals or colleagues or friends without any inhibitions. It is important to set aside inhibitions and fear in order to learn. It is possible that you might make a mistake while speaking but it will give you a chance to receive positive feedback and to correct your mistakes the next time around. This will help you gain confidence with using new words and improve your english vocabulary.

Build or join a learners group: Communicate with your peers who sail in the same boat. It is good to have company during a journey and learning is no different. It helps you gain perspective as well as confidence. 

Take up Tests: Regular tests after practice will enable you to improve your speed and wire your brain to connect the dots more easily. This can also gauge your progress and make you understand where you currently stand.

Use Of Technology: Technology has become an integral part of our lives. From the time we wake up to the time we go back to bed we are surrounded by technology and we rely on it heavily. Today we are connected with everyone via the internet. Apps have enabled us to perform tasks with just a few clicks. The education industry has evolved along with this technological evolution. If you want to learn english speaking from anywhere then you just need to go download a english learning app. These apps can help you with english speaking and guide you in order to improve your communication skills. Apps such as ELSA Speak help users improve their pronunciation skills and fluency in english.

Read Books: Reading is one of the best ways to improve your vocabulary and language skills. Reading will expose you to various kinds of ideas and enlighten you with knowledge from around the world. While reading books you might come across new words or phrases that might intrigue your mind & force you to open a dictionary to find the answers. Read the english newspaper. The newspaper is a good way to start reading. The writing is to the point in simple words.

At the end of the day it’s all up to you and your practice which will help you determine where you stand. If you find these steps useful do implement them and see the difference. Until then keep learning!

By Admin