Ask anyone what the key to a successful nonprofit operation is, and you will almost always get the same answer: It’s the people! However, finding the right people can be easier said than done. One thing that can help, though, is a good recruiting firm. How can you select good executive recruiters for your nonprofit organization? Look for those who offer the following:

Extensive Research

The right recruiters will do thorough research to try to understand exactly what your needs are. They should understand your goals, your history, your successes, and your mission. All of this requires quality time spent with you and those who work with you, learning about the details of your specific needs.

Quality Search Methods

You want a team that will really do their best to scout out the right people to join your non profit. They should do a target search of those who are already working in the field that you are interested in, as these types of candidates will likely be a good fit for your organization, too. They will also contact associations and groups of people who have the same interests as your organization. Finally, you want a company that maintains a quality database of prospective employees, which can result in direct or referral leads rather quickly.


A good headhunting company will not only locate potential employees but also facilitate all other aspects of the hiring process. For example, the right company should assist with the interview and orientation processes as needed. At times, you may ask the recruiters to help with checking references or doing background check. You may also enlist their help with relocation services for new employees moving to the area.

Commitment to Service

Above all, look for a recruiting firm that is dedicated to providing quality service. The right firm will exceed your expectations rather than simply meeting them. They should do their work in a professional way and with a high level of integrity. If this is the type of firm you are looking for, you can find more information here.

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