The online Quran teaching is the new concept of taking Quran education. This mode of Quran teaching is gaining a huge success all over the world. The Muslims, no matter how old they are can study, and understand this Holy book of Allah.

Why We Need Quran Education

It needs a good amount of commitment, and attention to understand Holy Quran. There are different ways of Quran learning. There are different courses included in Quran education. The important Quran teaching courses include

  • Quran Reading
  • Quran Recitation (with tajweed)
  • Quran Recitation (With tarteel)
  • Quran translation and Tafseer
  • Quran memorization

Every Muslim man and woman has the religious duty to take Quran education. In absence of professional Quran tuition, taking any or all of these courses could be quite challenging. The professional Quran tuition is very important to learn in efficient manner.  The conventional approaches of Quran learning include joining maddrassa, going to mosque or hiring a Quran teacher for home tuition.

Learning Quran from an Online Quran Academy

An online Quran academy offers many benefits. These academies contribute in improving the Quran education. There are several reasons for this improvement in Quran education. Some major benefits that anyone can claim from online Quran teaching include

  1. Any Muslim (man or woman) can learn Quran at any time from any place. So the Muslims don’t have to wait for a particular time to learn Quran. There is no need of any nearby mosque or any madrassa as the students can take Quran classes online. A Muslim student can take the classes by sitting at his/her home.
  2. These Online Academies offer high quality Qur’an teaching 24/7. It means you can approach a professional teacher very easily as the teachers are available 24 hours a day.
  3. The most important thing about an online Quran center that improves the Quran learning system is the student centered teaching approach. Each student gets an individual lesson. It is very beneficial as the students can get full attention of the teacher and learn in much better manner.
  4. The online academies offer increased interaction opportunities. The students can interact with the teachers in a better way. There is not a traditional class system in which lectures are given to several students at a time. Instead each student gets a lesson from a teacher individually.
  5. Conventional Qur’an learning methods take a lot of time so the busy people have to ignore Quran. But the online academies can save a lot of time of the students and they can start their Quran learning whenever they find time. In this way online Quran centers improve Quran education. The online academies also offer added convenience so the students prefer it.
  6. When children learn from online Quran centers, there are occasional parent-teacher meetings. In this way the parents can feel satisfaction. If the parents have any concern, they can discuss with the teacher. Hence the Quran education is improved in this way.

These are some of the ways by which online academies for Quran learning help in improving Quran education.

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