What are the benefits of fast reading?

Reading is an inherent skill, with which we are born with. It is such an embedded and indispensable skill that we hardly even remember about the initiative we put towards learning to read. But how to read faster is a different story altogether. Learning to read faster has vast and manifold benefits in the life of an individual.

If we think deeply, reading is in one way or the other connected to every activities of our life. We need to read the street signs to navigate with our cars, we need to read the calendars so as to keep track of our schedules. We have to go through official e-mails to make us updated with our office work and all our activities throughout the day. Reading is an indispensable part of a person’s life, and if one can master the art of learning to read faster one can carry on this skill to every spectrum of our daily life to finish our tasks faster and more efficiently.

How do a fast reader gets an edge in exams than other people?

In a Speed Reading Test which was conducted by Staples, it was deduced that the average reading speed of an adult is 300 words per minute. To know your average reading skills, you can take various reading and comprehension skills online. Besides, reading faster helps you get an edge in competitive exams as well. Here’s listing some of the reasons why reading faster is a blessing:

  • Reading Faster Enhances Memory: When we say reading fast it is not just skimming through the pages of a book, it also involves processing and retaining all those information which one has just read.This trick has to be practised with diligence because the brain is also another muscle of the body, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.
  • Reading Faster Improves your Focus: With the digital aggression taking over almost all spectrum of life, it is very difficult to maintain focus in a single task. We can learn to retrain our minds and focus our energy on a single task just by learning to read faster.

If you are a student preparing for competitive exams, the aforementioned tips along with proper time management skills gives you the needed edge from the other competitors. As most of the competitive exams have vast syllabi to cover, reading fast and reading only what is needed, gives you an advantage against your peers.

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