Universities in the UK have come under scrutiny recently over allegations that they have used high-pressure tactics to sell university places to 6th form leavers, even if these places aren’t right for them. Unethical practices are so widespread that a senior government minister has now intervened, calling on universities to end unethical practices.

But is going to university worth the money and time invested in by students? A survey from online finance broker Solution Loans suggests this depends on your gender and age.

The survey asked respondents to identify all of the ways in which attending university had been beneficial to them, and analysis of the results shows some interesting trends.

Older people were more likely than younger people to feel that getting a university degree had helped them to secure a career that they wouldn’t have otherwise. However, younger people were more likely to feel that going to university had helped them to build connections that would later help them in their career.

41% of respondents overall felt that going to university had helped them to secure a career that they would have otherwise but men were almost twice as likely as women to feel that going to university had helped them to secure higher pay in their chosen career with 28% of men citing this as a benefit of going to university compared to just 17% of women.

Women were slightly more likely than men to cite a benefit of university as being that it enabled them to study a subject they are interested in. 33% of women viewed this a positive compared to 26% of men.

Amanda Gillam from Solution Loans said “It’s clear that gender and age affect how people perceive the value of the university experience. With the cost of a university education now resting firmly on the shoulders of students directly through tuition fees, it’s vital that people think carefully before embarking on a degree course and ensure that that they have plans in place to get the most out of their time at university”.

To find out more about the survey and its findings go to https://www.solution-loans.co.uk/blog/is-university-worth-it/

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