While community colleges were once concerned a low rate alternative to traditional higher education, the risk of student debts and difficulty finding lucrative work in the job market is making them an increasingly promising option to rising high school students. Here are some of the unique opportunities the community college experience offers.

An Affordable Alternative to State Schools

In 2016, the average cost of tuition, fees, and supplies at a Texas public university for a resident came out to almost $10,000. The cost of a community college average out to less than half that. This disparity becomes even greater when you start considering going to school out of state. When considering the practical knowledge learned in college and the long-term costs associated with tuition, a community college is a far more frugal alternative.

A True Sense of Community

The transition from high school to college can signify a dramatic lifestyle shift. Public universities tend to offer larger campuses with more students, and finding your place in the environment can be a stressful experience. Whether you’re looking to simply ease yourself into the college experience or commit fully to a closer-knit community with smaller class sizes, community colleges offer a solution.

A More Diverse Student Body

Due to the lower cost, flexible scheduling, and lower pressure, community colleges tend to attract people from more varied walks of life. From professionals looking to transition to a new field to seniors simply trying to advance their knowledge, community colleges pull from a larger variety of experiences, and that can provide a more enriching and realistic perspective on the world.

Credits Transfer Over Consistently

The Texas Core Curriculum has implemented a 42 hour core curriculum for all certified higher education institutions, and state law requires that community college classes that meet these criteria transfer fully over to any state institution. That means that you won’t have to worry about those credits being rejected if you decide to transfer to a traditional college later in your education.

There Are Plenty of Options Available

Texas is home to fifty community college districts, and many of these are populated by multiple different schools. That makes it convenient to find a campus close to what you live and provides you with a range of opportunities to discover a staff and curriculum that matches your individual needs. Many colleges even offer full online degree programs.

Where you choose to get your education isn’t a decision you should make lightly. Before you enroll in a Community College Texas, do your research, and weigh your options carefully.

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