As a Muslim, we are bound to offer prayer. It is our duty to bow before our creator. To do so, we Muslims need to pray 5 times a day.

If you are living in a Muslim majority country, it is easy to find a mosque. It is also very easy to find the timings of prayer. But in a country like USA, and city like New York City, sometimes it can get hard to find  out the exact timings of prayer.

Method to Find Prayer Times:

Here, we will discuss some methods, which you can follow easily to find out the Today Muslim prayers times NYC.

To decide the exact time frame for each Prayer, we have to see 9 main times of every day.


It’s the time before Fajar, when you stop eating while fasting.


At the point when the sky starts to light up, somewhat the first light.


At the time that the essential piece of the Sun appears to be higher than the skyline.


At the point when the Sun starts to devolution achieving its most elevated point in the sky.


The time when the length of any object’s shadow achieves a factor (generally 1 or 2) of the length of the element itself in addition to the length of that element’s shadow at twelve.


The time when sunsets below the skyline.


It is the time right after the sunset.


The time when there is darkness, and no light on sky.


It is calculated as the time between sunset and sunrise.

Hadith about prayer:

Follow these Prayer hadiths to know the importance of prayer.

Ibn Umar (r.a.) narrates: The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) stated the following: “The place of prayer (salah) in religion is like the place of the head in the body.” (Majmau’l-Awsat, 3:154, (2313.) Imam Tabarani, Mu’jamu’s-Saghir)

Abu’d-Darda (r.a) stated the following: “My friend Muhammad (pbuh) gave me the following advice. Even if you are chopped up and burnt, do not associate partners with Allah and do not miss your fard prayers deliberately. Allah will move His protection away from a person who misses his fard prayers deliberately.” (Musnad: 5/238, Al-Bani Sahih Ibn Majah: 3529, Bayhaqi)

The following is reported from Hz. Nawfal bin Muawiya (r.a.):  “A person who does not perform a prayer on time is like someone whose family and property were removed.” Ibn Hibban

Note: Read Bissmillah (In the Name of Allah) before wudu to get blessing of Allah.

Astronomical Measure:

Underneath said are two cosmic measures that are particularly Important to examine Prayer Times.

Time Equation

The over two galactic measures can be examined precisely from “The Star Almanac”, or can be figured roughly as indicated by the subtle elements of time.

Decline Of the sun:

To figure the Prayer Times of the area, you should need to know the neighborhood time zone of that area and the scope and the longitude of the area.

You ought to likewise need to consider the declination of the sun and the condition of the time:


The exact time of Dhuhr can be effectively computed by utilizing this straightforward equation:

                                          Dhuhr = 12 + Time Zone – Lng/15 – EqT.

Sunrise and Sunset:

The time between the late morning and the time at which sun comes to or touches a point α underneath the skyline can be broken down utilizing the accompanying equation:

The Actual formula of dawn and dusk can be processed utilizing the underneath equation:

§  Sunrise = Dhuhr – T(0.833),

§  Sunset = Dhuhr + T(0.833).

Fajar & Isha:

There are distinctive conclusions on ascertaining the Prayer Times of Fajr and Isha. There are the diverse traditions of nations as indicated by which they take follow the rules:

Convention Fajr Angle Isha Angle
Egyptian General Authority of Survey  19.5 17.5
University of Islamic Sciences, Karachi 18 18
Shia Ithna Ashari, Leva Research Institute, Qum 16 14
Muslim World League 18 17
Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) 15 15
Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran 17.5 14

Maghrib :

As indicated by the Sunni perspective Maghrib begins when the sun totally set beneath the skyline. As indicated by the Shia’s perspective as long as the redness in the eastern sky is as yet showing up, Maghrib ought not be advertised.


Midnight is figured like the correct time from Sunset to Sunrise.


The advancement in technology in the current era has helped in many ways. There are many apps which you can download to your smartphone. They use GPS to locate your current position and give you right timings of prayers.

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