Having a child learn to grow into their best capabilities is every parent’s dream. When children are young, parents can already see just how much potential lies within their child’s young spirit. Children need to be fed educational stimulation in order to grow and learn to build and define all of their skills. That is why many parents today look at preschool education as the best way to start their children on the journey of learning, developing and social skills.

There are many different types of choices of preschool Redmond WA parents have to choose from based on different theories of childhood education. One of the more popular themed schools for preschool aged children is the Montessori school. The Montessori school theme is based on an educational premise that all children can thrive and become successful at their maximum capacity if given the right tools. The Montessori education  system was founded based on female physician from Italy name Maria Montessori and her teaching theories. In 1906, she started a preschool and began implementing her theories based on her observations of children.

Maria believed that a child’s mind from birth to six months was an “absorbent mind” which means that they inherently love to learn. It was her goal to help define what it is to be “a child” and then adapt teaching guidelines around a child’s natural tendencies to learn instead of trying to shape a child based on adult preferences. 

The teaching guidelines of Maria Montessori were provocative and successful and soon gained the recognition of educators and childhood theorists across the globe. The baseline of Montessori learning is to let children learn by giving them learning tools instead of simple toys. She theorized that children evolve based on the environmental learning they receive. She did not believe in adult instruction during this time period of growth. But instead believed they needed to be guided and helped into unfolding and developing with their own natural curiosity.

Additionally, Maria believed children naturally love concentration and this becomes a great joy for them as they begin to feel the power of their own mind. Part of her teaching methods surrounded the need to have repetition so they gain mastery. She also was against any continuous overt accolades from adults. She felt accolades were not as important to them as their own feeling of accomplishment. She also observed that children given the right educational tools, will spend a tremendous amount of time and energy working with great concentration on their own to master many skills including:

    • Fine Motor Skills 
    • Gross Motor Skills
    • Sensory Perception Learning
    • Math
    • Music
    • Culture And Socialization
    • Independence
  • Concentration

The precept to the Montessori educational style is to let children discover and learn with guidance instead of instruction. This is a very successful teaching style focused against overt instruction from adults. The theory precept for this preschool style is that adult structural teaching often gets in the way of a child’s natural propensity to discover and express themselves as they learn. Maria saw how detrimental other styles of educational teaching of preschool children was when they boxed children into adult instruction in a classroom. This she found significantly hindered their growth and potential for safe discovery.

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