Finding the Private School That Fits You Best

Deciding what you need to do to give your child the best start in life can be a daunting task. Your child’s education is probably at the top of your priorities and making sure he or she is given every opportunity possible to succeed may not be something you take lightly. If you’re interested in private schools in Redmond WA, here are three things to consider as you weigh your education options.

Smaller Class Sizes

Private schools have fewer children in each class, which can mean more one-on-one time. Teachers have the opportunity to get to know their students, which may allow them to work with each child’s weaknesses and help them succeed. Sometimes, all it can take is that extra five or 10 minutes a day with a child to help them better understand the material and flourish.

Individualized Plans

Researching schools with specialized programs for their students is important. If your child needs an IEP (Individualized Education Program) because he or she has a learning disability, you may find that a private school can accommodate the student’s personal needs better than a public school. If you want your child to be able to focus more on a certain subject they excel at, such as arts or sciences, finding specialty schools like this may be advantageous.

Religious Beliefs

Maybe you have religious beliefs that you want to instill in your child. Researching private schools that follow your beliefs might be an option to consider. The amount of focus on religious study may vary depending on the school, so be sure to find out details pertaining to what they teach and how much time they spend on religious subjects.

Whether you start your child in a private school in K-3 or in high school, you may find that the education your child receives only helps to better his or her future. Research each school you’re interested in to find the right fit for you and your child. Starting children off in a structured environment to fit their learning styles may be the best gift you could give them.


How Will You Go Around Malaga During Your Visit?

There are plenty of transport options available in Malaga and it will be easy for you to tour around the city, even if you are visiting the place for the first time. In this article, we shall limit our discussion about the trip to Malaga by mentioning various transport options that you can get, while you are touring this city and its neighbouring areas.

Let us start with walking, which is perhaps the best way to visit various places in the city and also it is absolutely free. It will allow you to spend as much time as you wish at any of the place. You can also get plenty of guidebooks that will help you to visit certain places just by walking. However, best way would be to book a guided tour which will take you to all the important sightseeing places in the city.

You can tour with bicycle too

If you are young and energetic then bicycle can also be another option to tour around the city. You may not have your own bike in Malaga but you can surely rent one for as long you need by paying the necessary rent for it.

If you have your bike then you need not limit your tour just within the sightseeing places but also go around the other parts of the city. You can also visit beaches or ports and shopping areas too. There are a number of companies who offer different kinds of bikes for visitors and you can choose a bike as per your taste. These companies will provide you the option of guided tour with bicycle too.

Take bike taxi

Malaga is well-known for its Bike-Taxis which is also called Trixis. By using trixis too, you can see the Malaga city in a relaxed way. These are quite convenient mode of travelling as you can travel in any weather and also you will never get stuck by heavy traffic on the road.  Here you also have a tour guide, who is driving the bike taxi. You can just sit and enjoy the scene around in a relaxed manner.

Segway travel

Segway travel has been recently added in Malaga which is a new way of sightseeing all around the city. You can find many Segway companies which are based in Malaga. The popularity of Segway is increasing because it is quite different, eco-friendly and you can have lots of fun too. Since they are relatively new, it can be little expensive for sightseeing purpose.

There are different routes available for taking Segway Tour, hence you must select a route that is suitable for you. For travelling by Segway, you need to provide your ID, and you will be given training and also you will be supplied with a protective Helmet and High Visibility Jacket.

Horse and carriage

Another traditional way you can travel around the Malaga is by opting for horse carriage. To enjoy the city sights in a relaxed manner this can also be a good option.  There are plenty of horse and carriages that you can find at central locations e.g. Plaza-de-la-Marina or Alameda/Molina Larios.


Like any other European countries, in Malaga too you will get modern train services which is very efficient. You can conveniently travel to other Spanish cities by using the train service.


Malaga also has a 2-line metro system which runs between the centre and the west as well as south-west part of the city. It starts from Maria-Zambrano -ENFE train station.

Local bus

There is an efficient bus services available at Malaga which will connect the city centre to many other areas around the city. You may also like to visit the website and get to know more about the city.