Learn how big data is creating new opportunities for engineers

Big data is becoming the very basis of standing out from among the crowd in this world of competition. Almost every industry relies on the big data and associated tools to effectively deal with both the daily and tough situations. This is where the need of data science engineers crops up and increases their demand in the industry. Many companies are not able to attain the intended position, just because they lack the right people possessing the right skills in data mining.

Here’s where the need for joining big data analytics course comes into picture. This IT field has a lot many opportunities to offer for the engineers. The vacancies are just trending in every industry and the employers are struggling to fill the vacancies due to shortage of engineers in this field.

Big data analytics are the tools which act as software supporting the predictive and prescriptive

analysis that companies run on various computing platforms. Basically, these tools allow the companies to analyze their data and statistics within the ambit of real-time window.

You should understand the fact that companies in almost every field require professionals who can manage data in an efficient manner and help the organization turn that raw data into valuable resource. If you too are wondering what can be the career opportunities in this field then you should have a look at the following.

  1. Data Analyst

This job offers you the opportunity to analyse data, compile the required data, and also create automated systems to retrieve information.

  1. Database administrator

Those holding this position, will have to manage daily operational database of an organisation. This can include handling modifications and updates, creating safe and secure backups, and being responsible for maintaining a stable database.

  1. Data scientist

Right decisions form the foundation of growth for any organization. Data scientists deal with raw data and work towards presenting that data in a meaningful form to their senior managers so that they can use it for making the right decisions for the company. This job requires both the technical know how and the knowledge of business and its parameters. Analytical skills are put to test in this job.

  1. Data architect

if you are taking up this job, you’ll have to be well versed with all the database designs and structures. Creation of data flows along with the senior managers will be your major responsibility in this job. You’ll also be responsible for designing and testing the new database prototypes created by the company. This job also calls for out of the box thinking.

  1. Database manager

Database managers are required to deal with the entire database of the company and look at the holistic picture of it. They are generally the leaders of their team and have the responsibility to manage the big data and its entire environment. Along with a comprehensive knowledge of data sciences, this job also calls for good leadership and communication skills.

  1. Big data engineer

This position requires you to mediate between the executives and data scientists. Your job is to make effective communication of data to the scientists so that they can analyse the data keeping the company’s goals in mind. A perfect mix of good communication skills and technical knowledge is needed to get into this job.

So you can see this field of Big Data is full of immense opportunities and can offer you great jobs as engineers. This field has formed the pillar of the IT industry and therefore, you just need to align your interests with your skills and you’ll see a world full of opportunities waiting for you.


Top 10 tricks to improve your concentration for UPSC exam preparation

Concentration is the key to crack UPSC exam because the enormous UPSC syllabus requires hours and hours of study. Indeed, untiring focus for extended hours of study is required for all aspirants. However, learning how to concentrate on things for long hours is not very tedious, as you can easily learn the techniques with constant practice.

Ability to focus on one particular thing for long hours is an essential skill for all UPSC aspirants. Stress and other distractions can easily come in the path of your UPSC preparation. The key to success lies in getting rid of all sorts of distractions and focusing on your preparations. So here are 10 tricks that will help you improve your concentration skills.

  1. Time Management

Time management is the key to success. Pre-planning your daily schedules will help you stay organized, so you can stay away  from stress. So, you can split up your daily tasks and work out on most tedious subjects first. Completing them first will help you stay relaxed for the entire day.

  1. Proper sleep

Researchers have proved that proper sleep intervals have a huge impact on your memory power. Lack of proper sleep will eventually impact on your daily tasks and have difficulty in concentrating on your exam preparations. So, whenever you are finding trouble in concentrating you can very well go for a short nap.

  1. Peaceful Environment

Have you ever noticed that you can concentrate for a long time if you study in a peaceful environment as compared to a distracting atmosphere? Yes, of course! your studying environment matters a lot when you prepare for any competitive exam like UPSC. Next time when you start preparing, make sure your environment has less or no distraction with a noiseless background.

  1. Meditation

Regular practice of meditation can contribute a lot to your UPSC preparation. It actually helps you to keep your mind relaxed and stress-free. A stress- free mind can improve your concentration and help you to focus on one thing for an extended period of time. Next time when you start your exam preparation, make sure you meditate for few minutes.

  1. Keep hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is next important thing for your exam preparation, not only for a healthful body but also for a healthful mind.  Dehydration can cause several health problems, along with that it can also make you feel weak and tired because of which your concentration will be affected. Ultimately, your productivity will go down.  So do remember to take a bottle full of water before you sit for your preparation!

  1. Exercise Daily

No doubt that exercising daily will keep your body fit by boosting up your body metabolism and keeping you away from several diseases. It also helps you to improve your concentration, because when you exercise daily, certain hormones which are responsible for concentration are released liberally. Exercising daily not only keeps your weight under control, but also boosts up your productivity!

  1. Avoid multitasking

Human brains are not supercomputers that can perform multiple tasks at a time. A scatter-mind can mess up several things and affect your concentration because our mind can effectively work only when it is assigned a single task. First prioritise your work, the most important things can be dealt at first and then start working on the next subject.

  1. Take some break

Focusing on something for an extended period can make you feel tired and affect your productivity.  For better concentration and productivity you can take short breaks for 5 to 10 minutes or whenever you feel tired. You can go for a brisk walk or practice breathing exercise, both will make you feel energized.

  1. Stay Calm

The more you stay calm, the more you concentrate. If you want to grasp the things quickly it is important for you to keep your mind calm, because with a scattered mind you cannot achieve great things. Another benefit of staying calm is you can preserve your energy for better productivity.

  1. Clear mind

Last but not least, another important key to success is clear mind. Unorganized things or anxiety may lead to distraction, so before starting your preparation prioritize your tasks and have proper time management. You can avoid many last minute messes and keep your mind relaxed if you are well organized.


A directory of websites to view your MSBTE 2018 results

Are you preparing for the MSBTE 2018? The MSBTE (Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education) is the Maharashtra state-owned and regulated autonomous body of an educational board which is responsible for giving out affiliations to various colleges and institutes for conducting diploma, advance diploma, and post diploma courses in various fields including engineering, and others. By enrolling oneself and sitting for the MSBTE 2018, you can pursue some of the most lucrative career options from the leading affiliated colleges and institutes of the state of Maharashtra.

The MSBTE (Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education) is responsible for conducting two exams each year. There is one summer exam which is held in the months of April & May and there is a winter exam which is conducted in the months of November and December. These exams are held for allowing the aspiring candidates to be able to enroll themselves into lucrative career choices in the leading state-owned and regulated affiliated colleges and universities in the state of Maharashtra.

Once you have appeared for the MSBTE 2018 exam, you will need to wait for a certain period of time in order to know whether you have cleared the same or not. The MSBTE results are usually presented to the candidates online across a series of websites that come up with the summer as well as winter exam results of the MSBTE. If you are appearing for the MSBTE 2018, then you can look out for your MSBTE results over a myriad of websites like:

  • MSBTE Official Website: The official website of the Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education as presents the results semester wise for the students to check out for themselves. Over this site, you can come across a wide range of informative links related to the admission procedure, enrollment, eligibility criteria, application forms, and the results of the main MSBTE entrance test held for enrolling the candidates into MSBTE affiliated colleges in the state of Maharashtra.
  • ResultClub: The site goes by the domain name as wherein you can get the results for both the summer as well as winter exam sessions for the MSBTE 2018. The students who will be appearing for the MSBTE 2018 in the upcoming summer or winter exam sessions can look up for the respective results on this site. The site gives out a prior notice about the expected date of the release of the MSBTE results. As such, you can keep checking the site for further notice or information.
  • Sarkariexam: On the site, you can get all the relevant information with respect to the expected date of the release of the MSBTE results along with additional information that could help you with the MSBTE Reach out to this site on a consistent basis in order to keep checking the exact date of the release of the MSBTE 2018 results after you have given the exam.

All the best!